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Oculus Rift and Project Morpheous are Virtual Reality Headsets, primarily for the gaming industry, which will immerse gamers in virtual scenarios that will increase emotional responses and experience feelings of actually being in the game.

The technology will eventually bring great benefits to other fields but initially it will be the games industry that will be the main benefactor. The Rift is due for release in 2015 and the Morpheous release date is yet unknown. The human brain absorbs sensory information directly to the subconscious and decides based on previous situations and various inputs how we react to this information by passing the most pertinent details to our conscious mind.

Is it possible that using Virtual Reality gaming with these headsets and the desensitising nature and brutality of some games that we could override the normal learned response from the subconscious and replace it with a gaming response to a situation and therefore affect the participants behaviour in a realtime situation.?…..we shall see