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With the job market as competitive as ever, job seekers are constantly told to consider every little aspect of their CV to leave nothing wanting. But could something as basic as your email address be negatively affecting your application?

UK job search site AdView have analysed the webmail providers and email addresses of their database of millions of users to see among other things what impact, if any, your email address has on your job search.

Mr Brady explained,

“Whilst we’ve seen an increase in overall users since Brexit, Gmail has proved consistently to be the most popular webmail provider for job seekers for some time now. Last month over half a million Gmail users received jobs by email.

“Hotmail came second with over 350,000 jobs seekers using this webmail provider. Altogether 71.2% of job seekers last month used either Gmail or Hotmail in their job search.”

August’s proportion of AdView users’ webmail providers

gmail.com 42.90%           icloud.com 2%
hotmail.co.uk 14.80%      sky.com 1.50%
hotmail.com 13.50%        btinternet.com 1.30%
yahoo.co.uk 5.60%          aol.com 1.20%
outlook.com 4.80%          live.com 0.80%
yahoo.com 4.80%            msn.com 0.70%
live.co.uk 2.90%              me.com 0.60%
googlemail.com 2.60%

  • Over 500,000 gmail addresses received jobs by email last month
  • Hotmail was the second most popular provider with over 350,000 job seekers in August
  • Whilst providers may be unimportant to recruiters, it’s recommended that job seekers use as professional an address as possible
  • Chrome is by far the most popular choice of web browser with it being used by 45% of job seekers

Whilst these results may not come as a major shock to many, one question remains: do candidates’ choice of email address have any impact on their job search?

“Though we’ve yet to see any evidence of job seekers’ chosen webmail provider affecting their job search success, your choice of address could affect your applications.” continued Brady.

“It’s no secret that employers prefer applicants with professional sounding email addresses that include both their first and second name”

“That said, job seekers may want to note that this can be more difficult with the more popular providers since names are often already taken.”