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The digital era is here and modes of Communication

  • Word of mouth
  • Letters
  • Telephone
  • Face to Face meetings
    are being bypassed in favor of
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Snap-chat
  • Text
  • Email

These are on multiple platforms. Mob phone/ I pad and laptops. Data is growing in the cloud, held in unknown locations and even operating systems are downloaded as well as applications.
Before the internet was so invasive home PCs were standalone (no internet connection). Now all home users have Internet access and businesses are connected as never before. Wi-Fi is commonplace and in being so poses great risks to private and commercial data. Unfortunately malicious attacks are on the rise and the ingenuity of hackers, private and in the commercial sector is growing. Protection of Business data and continuation of service requires vigilance and skilled employees dedicated to protecting the employers business from exploitation from Cyber Crime. In the United States there are purportedly 1 million cyber security jobs available and this is only going to rise.
The recent USA presidential election is an example of the danger. It will not be possible to keep all data safe or prevent attacks but with proper protection and education of employees the catastrophic effects of cyber crime can be reduced and the attackers will look for an easier target.