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In the modern workplace age diversity can have benefits

Older Employees

  • Normally better leadership skills as they lived through a low-tech period where twitter, face-book, text and home computers were unknown. Mobile phones were the stuff of science fiction and cars were all the same colour…so they were good at communicating face to face with their colleagues.
  • The Pearly Gates are in the distance so stamping on your colleagues is less of a motivation to move up the ladder as opposed to stability in the role.
  • They tend to be loyal and are from an era when you worked until the job was done.
  • They have a history of work and life, which means they have probably come across many situations that could give them an insight into problems that may arise.

Younger Employees

  • Without doubt the younger generation are far more technical
  • They usually have more energy
  • More likely to be malleable

Health may be a factor influenced by age although the fitness levels and diet of younger generations does not necessarily swing it in their favor. This will of course affect energy levels. The Bottom line is a company will probably work better with an age range that reflects the resident population